Monday, July 18, 2005

"Tim-Me, Myself and I"

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Sorry, but Timmy Brown's (as Joe Theisman would put it...) press conference today confirmed everything I don't like about the guy... Marcus Allen is his "role model" and Chester McGlockton is his "truth-meter"... nuff said... Even the biggest Tim Brown supporter had to be disappointed today... Go Tim Brown NASCAR Racing ?!??! Huh????

BTW Tim, in the long list of thank-yous, there was one omission, yeah, thats right, Al Davis... after all the class, dignity, honour and accolades that Al heaped upon you last year, you didn't even say thank you today... You thanked Mike Shanahan and Jon Gruden though, as if you enjoyed sticking it to Al... Gruden, OK I can understand that, but really, what did Rat-Face contribute to your career? other than signing you to a huge offer sheet as leverage against Al...

I am a huge Fighting Irish Golden Domer Homer, my alma mater... so I say this with reservation: As great a player as Tim Brown was, and the dignified demeanor with which he carried himself (esp. considering his comtemporaries included "Coke-Nose-Wear-a-Mink-to-Court-in Texas, in August Michael Irvin"), from about his fourth season on, something about Tim Brown just didn't sit right with me - call it the Marcus Effect... and it came out in full colour today...


Anonymous said...

your an idiot

Anonymous said...

Accurate assement my friend.

Anonymous said...

Your right on. Tim tried to act like he was the Raiders. The only problem was he dissappered in our biggest games and never made the players around him better. During our Superbowl run he was M.I.A. while the two Jerry's carried the load. I too am really tired of his act. He thinks Al drove him out of the game when in reality it was his quickly deminishing skills. Al let him hang on a whole season longer than he should have just out of loyalty.

D. Britain said...

I agree 100%. Never have liked the guy. Self proclaime "Mister Raider" my ass. Cliff Branch was a better person, player, and Raider.

The Tooz, Silver and Black Canada said...

Last year after being released, Al Davis put on a true retirement press conference for Tim, acknowledging how important he was to Raider History. Tim not taking the hint that his career was over, signs with Gruden in Tampa and goes on the dis Al and the Raiders saying that Al, Lombardi and Turner conspired against him playing another year. Well a hand full of starts later amounted to 24 receptions, 200 yards, 1 TD and two 4th quarter fumbles. To top it off, yesterday he tried to act like he never made those clearly unprofessional comments against the Raider organization. Tim was a great player, a great Raider, but I don't have an #81 jersey to hang beside my #25 and #21.

Anonymous said...

"Mr. Raider" ...No one nicknames themself... unless of course your Tim Brown

Anonymous said...

Actually, that should be, "You're an idiot".

Anonymous said...

You people are idiots. If you knew Tim Brown....personally, you would know the real Tim! How could he thank the "Ultimate Raider" Al F-ing Davis if he doesn't even have the damn guts to show up? Tim Brown played in more games than ANY Raider in team history and this is the "thanks" that he gets for busting his ass year after year and decade after decade? Idiots!! If anyone should be ashamed of their actions, it should be Al F-in' Davis for not having any balls to show up! You people don't know what in the hell your talking about, look at it outside of your Raider-tunnelvision glasses for once and quit drinking the damn Silllllver & Blaaaaaack Kool-Aid!

Anonymous said...

Secondly, if you knew how that "organization" was would understand a hell of a lot more about the "people" they have running that ship!

Anonymous said...

Actually I was with Tim yesterday I am one of the cousins in L.a that he mentioned "Chris to be exact" its quite dissapointing to hear so called Raider fans say ignorant stuff about Tim first of all Al Davis didnt even show up as a slap in the face to Tim neither did any execs, that was totally b.s, also if you idiots knew that Tim took a paycut every single year to help the team salary cap wise he took a paycut to get Andre Rison and Jerry Rice and Al Davis never liked him in the first place.He respects Al and Al respects him because he was one of the only players Al had since the Marcus Allen era that just wanted to win. Im glad he retired so that dumb fans like you can place your criticism on somebody else Hes never embarrased the franchise but you guys respect players like T.o or Randy Moss hes never held out of training camp for money but you cant respect him for that? Im glad that the Nfl total Network gave him the respect that was due he has played his butt of for the Raiders and there fans he did that one-day contract strictly for the fans not the raider organization so dont get mad if he doesnt get on stage and kiss A.d butt the person that was with him since the L.a raider days was showing the fans love by givent them a press conference and Al didnt bother to show up.

Anonymous said...

There are two sides to every coin.Yes, T. Brown contributed to the organization with his game play. Yes, he holds records for individual stats for the team (if you play that long with one team, who wouldn't. I would think Tim for the great years and not so great because he played for the Raiders but.....
as many would say he has class, I would agree to a certain extent. I watched his "retirement" ceremony and in a coy a slighting way, he did take jabs at the organization. Not thanking AL Davis or acknowledgeing the Raider fans for their support and his constant praise and mentioning of Marcus and Chester made me dislike Tim a little more. Bitterness is everywhere in sports and when it comes to the Raider organization, the term once a Raider always a Raider only applies to those that truly deserve it. I remember watching old footage of the Raiders and reading Raiders stories and it shows that the truly classic guys come from the old school Raider organization. Phil Villapiano, a true Raider, understood why he was traded to Buffalo for Chris Chandler and he accepted it because he wanted the Raiders to continue being strong. Tom Flores, traded to The Bills for Daryle Lamonica, came back to the organization and led the Raiders to 2 superbowl victories. He even coached the Seahawks against us and is now a radio analyst for the Raiders. I can go on but I won't. My point is, some Raiders know they can come home again. Art Shell personified the Raiders, became a Chief coach, but I am sure he is not bitter towards the Raiders. He knows it is a job. T. Brown will be remembered as a player who played for the Raiders but when his skills deminished, caught his last pass as a Buc. M. Allen as good as he was, will be known as the guy Al Davis had a rivaly with because of a $$$ issue. Play the game because you love the game. Chester M. He was an @$$hole who thought he was bigger than he really was. In today's NFL there is no real loyalty, what matters is getting paid, getting endorments, bling blinging it. Those players that love the game will play regardless or any personal adversity in front of them. I love football, don't get me wrong, but I loved football before it became commercialized and you have Paul McCartney, Janet Jackson, and whoeveris the hot artist singing at the halftime show.

Tim Brown, you seem like a good person in front of the camera but you also show that you are an ingrate to the team and the organization that gave you a chance to be one of the best ever(in stats). You and Al did not see eye to eye, but that's expected, but you should give credit to the man who helped change the game of football to where it is today. Without Al, there would be no NFL the way it is and the AFL would have flourished and taken over.

The Tooz, Silver and Black Canada said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments... for those who say Al disrespected Tim for not showing up... lets be clear, the Raider organization gave Tim a very warm and deserving press conference last year... Al Davis himself lavished huge praise and respect upon Tim Brown... it was a worthy and classy send off and should have been Tim's retirement conference, but Tim's ego said I can play and Gruden was silly enough to sign him when no one else would because Tim's skills were, sadly, gone. Upon signing in Tampa Tim went out of his wy to critize Al Davis and the Raiders... very clearly his made the absurd claim that Al, Lombardi, and Coach Turner conspired against Tim ever playing again. Remember this was after a very warm send-off to Tim Brown, acknowedging him as a corner stone of the franchise history.

As for yesterday, even after Tim's unexplainable hypocracy from last year, the Raiders asked Tim Brown to make the announcement at the start of Training Camp... but No Tim had to do it now, it had to be on his schedule, how he wanted it... so his PR Company staged it at a hotel in the area. Like it or not these are the facts.

Anonymous said...

These comments run a gamut, don't they?

Regarding Al Davis not showing up. Can anyone who is bashing Al Davis tell me WHY he wasn't there? Al wanted this set for another time. Who set up this press conference? Tim Brown and his press people. Did he check with Al's schedule? Or is Al not supposed to have a schedule and/or drop everything on his very large plate to accomodate Tim Brown?

For those that disagree with Tooz, great. Glad to see you have the guts to post your opinion. Maybe next time, you'll have the cajones to ADD YOUR NAME or handle to the post. You don't have to sign in, just add it to the bottom of your post.

For those that admire and respect Tim Brown and think he's the best thing since sliced bread? Bully for you.

For those that are crying foul for those that are slamming Tim because they don't know Tim? I find it ironic and amusing that you have no issues slamming Al Davis, the Raiders executives or the Raiders organization when you haven't the knowledge of why Al Davis or the organization execs weren't there.

To "Chris to be exact" : I am sure you are happy to be Tim's cousin and to speak up for him. You have Tim's side of the story and I can understand you sticking by family. That's great. But to refer to others as "dumb ass" because they don't know Tim when you don't know Al? Well the dumb ass fans that aren't happy with Tim's proclamations at a press conference the Raiders didn't set up may not be the only ones looking like a dumb ass. That sword of not knowing, (or dare I say "ignorance"?) cuts both ways.

My opinion regarding Tim's retirement: the RAIDERS were the ones that allowed Tim to sign a one day contract to retire as a Raider. This is something he obviously wanted or he wouldn't have done it. As Tim stated: he has his truth.

Just a couple of other truths: Tim once stated he hadn't spoken to Al Davis in months, yet someone supplied a photo of Tim and Al talking, which was roughly two weeks old. Tim slammed Gruden when Gruden went to Tampa Bay. Yet Tim retracted his words stating that he slammed Gruden only to show support for his Raiders team mates ... soon as Tim landed in Tampa.

No one knows the entire story and Tim has expressed his side fairly often in the press. No one knows Al's side , except Al and Tim.

The rest of us are left to speculate and wonder and support whatever we feel and beleive in our own private "truth".

For those that chose to bash the Raiders organization/Al Davis, I suggest you talk to the widow of Dan Turk. Ask what owner went to see Derrick Thomas in the hospital before he died. Ask Willie Thomas how he was able to attend a family funeral and a game in the same weekend at his own request. Ask Tim Brown how he had the ability to go to Tampa. The Raiders could have kept him under contract and riding the bench, if they wanted. Ask Jack Tatum and Otis Sistrunk what they think of Al Davis.

Ask any of the former players that saw Al Davis refuse to have his team play a game because certain members of his team were barred from a certain hotel in the South. Ask the first Hispanic quarterback and head coach what he thinks of Al Davis. Ask the first black head coach what he thinks about Al Davis. (Firing Art Shell was a mistake Al admits to and still regrets. Has Tim ever come out and said lobbying for Bugle as head coach was a mistake?)

The lists of things Al has done goes on and on. Slam the man if you will, but please don't do so from ignorance. Be informed before choosing sides.

My point? We are all outsiders looking in, only seeing what we are allowed to see, except when one chooses to go the press.

Personally: I believe Tim Brown was one of the greatest wide receivers seen in the AFC.

As a man, I have no idea of what he is like. I know his truth doesn't always jive with the facts. This has been exposed by Tim, his words and his actions and in one case, by a photo.

We all have our own perceptions of things. There is a an old saying about there are 3 sides to every story: my side, your side, then soemwhere in the middle lies the truth.

The truth according to BlitzChick: I respect what he did on the field. I think he was in denial about his wanning capabilities and what contributions he could make. I think off the field he didn't hanlde all his issues proeperly. These are my opinions and I am entitled to them.

In the grand scheme, Tim's retiremnet, who was there and who wasn't has little to do with the greatness of the Raiders, which is in their future. Tim is now in the past.

I am posting this under anonymous, but I have no issue in signing off so people know who wrote this.

Win lose or tie, RAIDERS til I DIE!


Anonymous said...

(above post) Great post.

Mike Heer said...


Raider fans fighting over a silly press confrence.

My take on Timmy Brown...

It made me kind of sad to know that one of my favorite players was calling it the quits. Seemed like yesterday that the Raiders drafted Tim Brown. I recall the times he made me jump from my couch and spike the pillows when he scored touchdowns. I even got a little excited when he scored a TD as a Buc against the Raiders.

I do not care about Tim bashing the organazation when he left. You people need to understand that maybe dude was angry and hurt. The Raiders kept Mr. 49, yet let Mr. Raider go. Besides football is now a buisness, and Tim was maybe one of the last true football players in the game. So I'll go out on a limb and just say this...

Tim Brown thanks for some awsome memories, thanks for the times you made me feel like I was in the game. Thanks for the 100 touchdowns, the yards you compiled. Thanks for helping out less fortunate kids throughout our communities. Thanks for being Timmy. Thanks for entertaining us for close to two decades. I enjoyed your skills, and some of uyour comments about the organazation made me realize you were more human than most of the players in todays game.

Mike Heer a Tim Brown Fan that truely Bleeds Silver and Black!!!

Anonymous said...

Well 'Chris' He was embarrassing to the franchise. Marching into Al's office and demanding that Joe Bugel is pretty embarrassing. Coddling to the media, who despises the realness of this franchise is embarrassing to this Raider fan. You say he took a paycut 'every single year', well is that the 'Tim Brown truth' coming out again, cuz I could have have sworn he signed a new deal around 99 or 00. And I specifically rememger Brown crying on ESPN's Up Close that the Raiders put that in his contract that he could void his contract. Thus again, blaming the Raiders for something HE AGREED too. Is that the 'Tim Brown truth' again?

And you say 'he just wanted to win', well as a player shouldn't he just play the game instead of demanding that he be the OC for the coach he demanded be hired.

Also love the 'Al Davis never liked him in the first place'. Well, I admit I'm not an holier-than-thou christian from Notre Dame, but if Al Davis never liked him in the first place, why did Al fly his mother(your aunt I presume) to the Jets game--her first ever game--get a luxury box for her to see Brown's 1,000th catch. Why did Al charter a private jet after the Super Bowl--Nice performance Tim--for Brown to
be home with his pregnant wife?...The 'Tim Brown Truth' I suppose.

To prove your ignorance again, Brown WANTED the press conference Monday, the Raiders wanted it at a different time. So you bash Al for not abiding to Brown's schedule, but I guess Brown is free to not accomodate Al's schedule.

Brown signed that contract for the meathead cliche fans that know nothing about the Raider history. The same people that say "Tim Brown was a class act" has as much meaning to me as "the terrorists hate freedom"

Guys like Tatum, Otto, Shell, Upshaw, Snake, Plunkett Wiz, Mosebar, TMac, Steve Smith, Lincoln, even Gannon-who I personally can't stomach--was MORE of a Raider than Brown ever was.

And last but not least, yes I do respect Randy Moss way more than Tim Brown. Moss is a country boy that comes from the gutter. Like Mr. Davis, He is what he is. A pscyhotic fan like myself who worships people like Al Davis, Huey Newton, N.W.A, Leonard Peltier will always get behind a real man like Randy Moss than side with an elitist, hypocritical politician like Tim Brown.


The Tooz, Silver and Black Canada said...

Wow RaiderRo, please tell us how you REALLY feel... thats taking it a few steps farther !!!!

Anonymous said...

This is the most absurd arguement I have ever read. First of all, Tim Brown was a great Raider, one of the best all time. Anyone who thinks different knows nothing about football or Tim. The guy busted his ass for the team for decades despite playing for some poor teams where there was little help. He sacrificed himself to try and make the organization better. He could have left earlier in his career or demanded a trade due to the Raiders not winning but no...he stuck with it, until the Raiders organization asked him to step down. That had to be a hard thing for the organization to do as well as for Tim to except. So, he then asked to be released so he could see if he still had the skills. Sadly, he did not live up to his OWN expectations and has decided to retire, as a Raider. He has not forgotten the organization or the fans who supported him for all these years and he came back to thank all of us, which he did in his press conference.

Secondly, regarding Al Davis. He is a great yet controversial owner. He does things one way...His. Love him or hate him you have to respect the guy who runs one of the best franchises ever. The fact is the guy knows football and he is willing to do anything he can to win. If that means asking not one but 2 of the best receivers to ever play the game to move on...he will do it. Obviously Al respected Tim Brown or Tim would not have been a Raider this whole time. They had their differences but the respect is there.

Personally I am ashamed of everyone who posts negative information regarding Tim, Al, or anything to do about the Raiders. True fans support their teams through thick and thin, regardless of their wins or losses, or moves that the organization makes. To be a Raider you have to have perpetual faith. Faith in the organization, Faith in the players, and Faith in your fellow fans. People who have that are true fans and I am proud to be one. Sure at time I wonder what we are doing when we draft some player or trade another one away...but I know it all a means to an end. We are all in this together and we need to support our team. Go Raiders!!!

PS Someone earlier asked that we post our names vs being if you have some comments about this...let's hear them.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tooz you are stupid and I'm incredluos about your football knowledge!!!!!

Tim was the only thing LA/OAk had because Al couldn't get a winning team together. He has scored on a run, pass, kR PR, etc. What more does he have to prove to you. He was never in the limelight enough for all the good things he did. He was never in trouble at all. It not Tim's fault we never made it to the playoffs for about a span of 3- 5 years. OR that Jay Schorder or Jeff George or Donald Hollas or Wade Wilson couldn't get him the ball.

Tim is "Mr. Raider" and there is nothing that you or the dorkwods that agree with you can do about.

The Tooz, Silver and Black Canada said...

Great comments rayderfan77... all these wide-ranging, sincere and sometimes emotional comments show that Tim Brown, while a great Raider - the discussion of his place is Raider lore will always stir up alot of debate... Interesting stuff, thanks to eveyone who took the time to comment...

BTW to the person(s) who called me on "idiot".... I can take "idiot", just don't call me a "goof", I really hate that ("f-ing goof" would push me over the edge!)

Anonymous said...

Where's the unity, my brothers and sisters? Why does one have to pick Tim OR Al? Why not be greedy and appreciate both for who they are?

Yes, the Black Hand’s thumbs down reminds us Jim Otto is the Original Mr. Raider, not the self-appointed Tim Brown. But the Silver Hand’s thumbs up says Brown belongs in the same sentence as Freddie B., Clifford Branch, and Warren Wells.

Simply accept him for what he is; Brown is the most prolific Raider WR ever, numberswise. He had the misfortune of playing with crummy 2ndary and tertiary receivers, and even more craptacular QBs, so Brown never won a SB. No one person ever has…

Yes, Timmah shot off his mouth a few times when he shouldn't have--but so have I, and so have you--believe it! Yes, Timmah did join the Garnet and Puketer Chuckyland Express, but he embarrassed himself in Tampa, so let it go, and let's move on...nobody remembers Tony Dorsett was once a Bronco, either.

You know why Al Davis doesn't publically comment on almost anything at all? Very likely so he doesn’t get pulled into silly manufactured dramas, such as this Al vs. Timmah pseudo-controversy.

As Blitz said, Al gives back to the players big time. You can’t question his loyalty (unless you have the intelligence of a semi-autistic mule, that is).

If Timmah wants to call his own press conference to announce he’s getting into NASCAR, or missionary work, or helping blind kids learn to play football, for that matter... and doesn't mention much of Al in the process of said announcement... so what?

The world is still turning...and it's turning Silver n' Black, baby!


Anonymous said...

First of all you people know is from what the media gives you yes Al Davis deliberately did not show up at the press conference to spite Tim also at last years Raider Tampa Game the Raiders did leave Tims wife Sherice outside I was also there and they tried to clean it up in the media by saying they didnt know anything about it. Al Davis is an old man bent on revenge I dont see how you guys cant see through the media he put Marcus Allen on the bench purposely, I was in the locker room after games when Art shell told Tim that during the game Al Davis called down to the feild and told him to stop throwing Tim the ball....... and his reasoning for that was he never wanted Tim to become a superstar because he felt that superstars would be about themselves and not the team which was never the case with Team and for the guy who says Tim embarrased the TEAM' give me A BREAK DUDE!!!!!!!!!! Tim never was arrested punched a camera man he never had to apologize to the media for nothing and Al Davis knew that, also Al Davis told Tim that he never liked Notre Dame players anyway and the only reason why he chose Tim is because Paul Gruber was picked by the BUCS and Tim was the heisman Trophy winner and Al liked to collect them. And we you talk about Tim getting a new deal he always took less money with the Raiders than he could have gotten elswhere to stay in Oakland so know what your talking about before you open your mouth I talk to the guy myself so I dont need to get my information from the papers. The raiders are the ones that broke the news about Tim retiring and Tim did that press conference for the fans not for the Raiders this came from the Horses mouth he paid his own money to do that press conference so that the "FANS COULD SEE HIM RETURN HOME" AL DAVIS WASNT EVEN INTERESTED IN TIM SIGNING THAT ONE DAY CONTRACT BUT HE DID IT TO SAVE FACE.

The Tooz, Silver and Black Canada said...

OK, Look, since this is my blog, I'd like to be a gracious host and thank all those who take the time to comment... but this last comment hits a nerve with me...

There is too much BS in the post to address all of it but my biggest peeve is : "I was in the locker room after games when Art shell told Tim that during the game Al Davis called down to the feild and told him to stop throwing Tim the ball..." Listen that is the biggest load of crap rumour/lie out there about Al Davis... this goes back to the old "Al Davis calls plays from the press box"... it is un-freaking-believable that anyone could say these things seriously, physcally impossible that Al could have done that!!! Yeah Yeah I know Al sent a messenger down with plays or to tell Art Shell to stop throwing to Timmy or to stop calling Marcus on running plays... please! your comments prove that your a moron...

Another idiotic statement: "Al Davis told Tim that he never liked Notre Dame players"... how stupid are you... a few names: Darryl Lamonica, Dave Casper, Stacey Toran (one of Al's personal favorites), Steve Beuerlien (the relationship fell apart cuz Steve held out, but Al did draft him to be the QB of the future), Rocket Ismail (Al went way out of his way to get Rocket), Rick Mirer, Greg Bell, Steve Sylvester, Dave Waymer... Al Davis once said that the only organization that has as rich a tradition and history, that is as global as the Raiders, is Notre Dame...

Do me a favour buddy, ignore my blog from here on out... you are the type ass I could never get along with.

Anonymous said...

Tooz, You're a dipsh!t

The Tooz, Silver and Black Canada said...

Dipsh!t I can live with...

Anonymous said...

Can anyone of you tell me 3 good things Al Davis has done the last 10 years? Dont say Super Bowl that wouldnt have happened if not for Gruden bucking Als system. Blitz Chik never write anything again you are so biased and you are clueless

Anonymous said...

Well Tooz, I feel compelled to blog again.

Let me start by saying : Tooz you are an f-ing goof to have started this mess to begin with! 8D ;)Sorry, man, couldn't help myself.

For those who can only call names: I am hoping you are still in your teens becaus if you are adults, well... the person that loses an argument or debate is the one that calls names rather than deal with the facts or issues.

To Mike Heer: Tim was asked to take a reduced role. He didn't want to. We didn't keep Rice over Brown. TIM ASKED FOR HIS OWN RELEASE. The Raiders, rather than having Tim unhappy and on the bench, accomodated his request. TIM wanted out. So why should Tim bash the Raiders for giving him what he wanted? I also see people discussing, some rather heatedly, their opinions of the player and man Tim Brown is, and the man that Al Davis is. It is heartfelt for many. The people taht are only calling names should be acknowledged only in that they can type on a keyboard.

One person asked where the unity was? Well I didn't see unity when George was Qb. There are people that argue about Gannon. There are those that debate whether or not Woodson should remain on the team. Heck the Raiders are all about controversy! They have been from day one when Rozelle accused the fledgling Oakland Senors with tampering as they tried to get a team together.

Seriously, does anyone here think Tim had the skills to remainthe go-to number 1 top dog receiver?

These are Doug Gabriel's numbers: Caught 33 passes for 551 yards and 2 TDs, returned 53 kickoffs for 1,140 yards, played in all 16 league games with 6 starts at wide receiver.

How many yards did Tim have last season with Tampon Bay? 200? Alvis Whitted had more yards than Tim Brown.

As to this comment : ' He could have left earlier in his career or demanded a trade due to the Raiders not winning but no...he stuck with it, until the Raiders organization asked him to step down.' Let's have a reality check, shall we? Tim had discussions with Dallas more than once because he is originally from there and thought it'd be nice to go back home. Tim signed a tender offer to play with DENVER. So please let's understand Tim signed an offer to play with another team. I don't want to hear how he stuck by the tem. Contractually he was obligated to play for the raiders if they matched the tender. they did. The Raiders choice, not necessarily Tim's choice. .

Now to the person who claims to have been in the locker room. I have to admit to finding yours the most amusing post in this little blog. Al deliberately wasn't there to spite Tim. Are you omniscient? Do you know the inner workings of Al's mind? Nah, didn't think so. If Al wanted to spite Tim, Al would never have let Tim sign even a one day contract. It's that simple.

It couldn't be that Tim " paid his own money to do that press conference" knowing full well that Al was unable to attend because of prior commitments, could it? Yet I am the one accused by an anonymous user of being one-sided? Does anyone else see the irony?

Like Tooz said, Al had nothing but great things to say aboutt Tim upon his leaving last year.

The entire Raiders Organization wanted to do something nice for Tim closer to camp, but that didn't fit Tim's schedule. So get it straight. This is what TIM wanted for TIM. If TIM wanted it for the fans , one would draw the logical conclusion he would have mentioned the fans amongst his thank yous to his former coaches and former team mates. The fans were left out completely. I guess this escaped your mind?

I will say again: Tim is arguably the best WR to have played in the AFC. He accomplished much with I can't count how many starting quarterbacks. He had to adjust to different spins, lefties and righties, hard balls and air balls and a number of other things. I think he should be a first ballot Hall of Famer.

Dr. Z from SI received an email from me telling him he was a fool to say he wasn't going to vote for Tim to be in the HoF because he dropped too many balls. His comments were just absurd.

I will reiterate we all have our own opinions that we are entitled to. I just to prefer base my opinions on facts, not media spin , second and third generation stories, or he said she said situations. I won't give an opinion on only one side.

Now for 3 good things Al has done in the last 10 Years? Let's see, when Tim's wife was having the twins: how did Tim get around? How did Willie Thomas attend a funeral and a game in the same weekend? Who was the only team owner to visit Derrick Thomas in the hospital prior to his death? Anyone care to call Dan Turk's (RIP) widow and ask her why the photo at his memorial had Dan in his Raiders uniform? Anyone want to talk ask Eric Turner's (RIP) family what Al did for them? ( I know them and I saw what the organization did for them...)' How about drafting Shane Lechler, the leagues best punter? How about givng us one of the best place kickers in the league with Seabass? Why did the Raiders stand by and support Barrett Robbins after the Superbowl meltdown? For those that are stuck on Gruden, who do you think gave him his chance in Oakland? For those who like Moss, who do you think got him in Oakland? Who was responsible for getting Gallery? Who allowed Tim Brown to sign his one day contract with the Raiders?

Now it's out of the 10 yr rule one imposed but in '79 Davis' wife had a heart attack and fell into a coma. ( That was the year he hired Flores as HC.) He stayed by her side though she her chances were slim to none. She recovered.

He holds an NFL-record. 8 players have chosen Al Davis to introduce them into the Hall-of-Fame: Lance Alworth, Jim Otto, Art Shell, Gene Upshaw, Willie Brown, Fred Bilitnekoff, Ted Hendricks, George Blanda. Guess they are stupid also?

In 1991, he became the first recipient of the National Football League Players’ Association (NFLPA) Award for Excellence. Guess those that nominated and/or voted for him didn't know poop.

Here's what others have to say about him:

Carl Weathers:
“In 1976, I was casted as Apollo Creed. It was the role that changed my acting career. In 1970, I met a man who changed my life forever. That year I became a part of Al Davis’s legendary Oakland Raiders organization as a rookie linebacker.”

Bernie Custis, Black quarterback and teammate of Al Davis at Syracuse University, 1948-50:
“I came to know Al as someone that lived by a certain code and this code was to judge everybody by their content of their character and capabilities and nothing else. That’s the code that I detected at the time and I think it’s stayed with him throughout the years.”

Al LoCasale:
“Al has always said the golden rule is not good enough. That is, ‘Don’t treat people the way you would like to be treated, treat people how they want to be treated.’”

"He is the smartest man I ever met."- Bill Parcells about Raiders Owner Al Davis

Ronnie Lott: I think that Mr. Davis is one of the fathers of the game of football. Think of what he did for the AFL and build it to what it is. How he talked about the long ball and brought a certain toughness to the NFL, the Silver and Black and what it represents. You have to look back and think about all of the men who gave everything for the sport of football and you have to mention him as one of the pioneers of the game.

"He was one of the great coaches I have ever observed ... a truly great coach," "Had he chosen to remain in coaching, he would
be considered one of the great coaches of all time."
-former Davis employee Bill Walsh

“It was a great honor to come out and talk with Mr. (Al) Davis. I spent time with Bruce Allen and Amy (Trask) ... there are always experiences that make you a better coach and give you a better insight either to yourself or your profession, and that was certainly one of them." - Bill Belichick

That's only a few of the many quotes I could cut and paste. But I don't anything, right?

I digress, though.

I don't care if there is any animosity between Tim and Al because it doesn't have anything to with me.

Both men have good points and both men have their faults.

But like I said before, "The greatness of the Raiders is in their future."

Training camp is fast approaching , Curry says he'll be 100%, the Blur is going to back and we have this Moss character.

Time to look forward.

That's about all, folks.

Win lose or tie, RAIDERS til I DIE!


Anonymous said...

For those who don't understand unity: unity is about US vs. THEM. It is about the RAYDAHS vs. the whole entire rest of the f'ing NFL!

It is not about us vs. us...Tim Brown vs. Al, Al vs. Marcus, or the Raiderettes vs. Run Run Jones.

Every time we snipe and stab each other, the mediots laugh with glee. It makes me sad to see anyone even dignify "Dr." I got my degree in hate Z, by mentioning him or his opinion. Z's below even mediot status on Stick'em's Scumbag-o-meter.

Anonymous said...

I'll save a little time here and say....BlitzChick, great comments...I couldn't agree with you any more. Thanks for the Blog Tooz. Always amusing.

AZ Raider63

raidergavy said...

whoever think tim's shit doesnt stink, need's to get a grip.

you are delirious. facts are facts and brown is a liar and parriah to the organization. he lied when he said, he didnt have a job and needed one. it was the spoiled brat who asked to be released.

how dare you put a player before the entire organization who treated tim-me with nothing but class, dignity and the utmost respect that has never been duplicated.

you all remind me of the monkey who keeps going for the zookeeper's railroad watch.

the nice shiny object.

tim brown has been dead to me for over 3 years. he never fails to dis the organization.

fuck marcus too.

if he had anything on al, it would have come out by now. he is also a liar.

so mucous is his mentor and McBlubba is his moral barometer...

that's just great tim.

you vile piece of shit.


Buddy Rich said...

Hey Timmah, did you ever see the guy who wore the silver and black #81 from 1967-1970?

Buddy Rich said...

Hey Timmah, did you ever see the guy who wore the silver and black #81 from 1967-1970?

Anonymous said...

I've always seen two Tim Browns, and I have no trouble distinguishing one from the other.

One is the perennial All Pro WR who in my opinion is a first ballot HOFer. The second is a guy who loves to hear himself talk, though he's not as articulate as many claim he is.

One is physically tough as nails, the other is as emotionally fragile as fine China.

One I respect immensely, the other I laugh at.

Not to put myself in the same category as Al, but I think he takes the same approach regarding Tim. As long as Tim did what he did on the field, Al didn't pay much attention to what he said off of it.

As for Al not showing up at the presser that Tim put together, it might also be noted that only three guys who played with him showed up as well. Tim has had hundreds of teamates in his time with the Raiders, and only three show up to his retirement news conference. You know your retirement press conference is a joke when one of the attendees is a worthless piece of shit like Chester McGlockton.

Misplaced Raider

Anonymous said...

3 good things AL has done.

1. Fly Brown's mother to the Jets game.
2. Release Brown
3. Not go to the politician's Press conference


Anonymous said...