Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Nancy Gay Can Kiss My Arse

Nancy Gay, a San Fransico Chronicle staff writer, wrote an article that included the following idiotic comment:

"Turner is sick and tired of owner Al Davis rummaging through his game plans every week, inserting schemes and lineup changes. If they didn't pan out, guess who was the fall guy?"

Nancy, do you really know this to be true or are you just making the typical Anti-Al Davis BS comment that most uninformed Al Davis Haters swallow hook line and sinker?

Give me a freakin break.... yes I'm sure Al Davis put in certain plays, took out others and told Norv who to start... just like he sent plays down to Art Shell from the press box during the games... because we all know that Davis told Shell to bench Marcus in favor Bo Jackson...

Nancy, I used to think you were credible, above this level of crap...

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