Monday, September 11, 2006

TOOZ's Week 1 Preview (and other things)

Friends, I’m at work and I can’t freaking concentrate… I’m nervous and a little pissed off… I’m sure most Raider Fans are feeling the same… here are a few of my thoughts today:

1) The Randy Moss interview, on the surface, is discouraging the say the least… but what else do we expect when Randy gets an interview… he wears his heart on his sleeve and that’s part of what makes him great as a player… that said, I’m not overly concerned, he said nothing to challenge Coach Shell, he did not slam his teammates… hey I actually thought it was funny that the team was walking on eggSHELLS!!! GOOD! Hey, the whole team better not feel comfortable, let them sweat it a bit…there is nothing to feel comfortable about… lets all remember the inmates no longer run the asylum!!! Randy is pissed that Doug Gabriel was traded, he feels Doug was the player who should of been his opposite number… I remember two wide-outs named Cliff Branch and Fred Biletnikoff who were very vocal and many times very unhappy, they were highly competitive, always complaining they did not get the ball enough… Forgive me if I am wrong on this but I remember reading from a few sources where Freddie B would cuss Al Davis out and that some of it was family lineage related - could you imagine what ESPN would do with that today?!

2) Trading Doug Gabriel was a surprise but, lets be honest - Gabriel has not been a consistent threat and his presence did not make Defensive Coordinators lose sleep… I think its more that we loved Gabriel for his potential and the emotion he brought to the game…

3) The Danny Clark cut hurt… he was a leader, and exhibited the true Raider spirit, but was he really a game changer? Did Offensive Coordinators have to account for him? Do we have other young talent that we need to see and develop if we are to climb back to the top? Danny Clark as much as we love him, would not be starter on most teams…

4) Tonight’s game: A Raider win tonight puts the Silver and Black in first place of the AFC West... Rivers must be harassed and abused… Tomlinson does not have to be completely shutdown, he will get his yards, but he needs to be controlled, not allowed to run wild… but most importantly, our Offensive Line must control the line of scrimmage, they must attack, they must open up holes for Jordan and let him dole out some punishment to would-be tacklers, and they must give Brooks time to make decisions and throws… if these things happen its Raiders 27 - Chargers 13

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