Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Too Little Too Late from Kiffin

Q: “How would you characterize your last conversation with Mr. Davis? Did he give you any indication of his feelings for the job you’ve been doing?”

Kiffin: “I’m going to kind of stop these questions here and go from here on out that conversations, or lack of conversations with Al, I’m going to keep between Al and I. I just feel we’re going to open up too many things, and those are conversations that I do or do not have with him that should stay between him and I. I apologize for that.”

Thats the answer Kiff should have given in January... maybe we wouldn't be where we are today if he would have learned this sooner...

BTW Lowell Cohen finally takes off his "Al Hater" glasses, at least for a moment... sure he still tries to get in a few "Al Zingers", but the basis of the article is not too far off - hard to believe...

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