Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Porter Signed - Woodson Tagged

Porter Makes Champ a Chump

The Raiders announced yesterday the signing of WR Jerry Porter, not letting the young and talented receiver hit the free agent market. By all accounts a solid move by all involved. Porter understands his place in the Raider organization, he has committed to the Silver and Black way of life, committed to Coach Turner and committed to his QB Kerry Collins. On the other side, the Raiders understand the gem they have in Porter, understand the importance of continuity and understand keeping their QB happy. I was glad to see Kerry Collins speak up on behalf of Porter. Collins has been a model team player since joining the Dark Side and now is asserting himself a the leader, both on the field and off. Tremendous for all.

CWood has been tagged the Raiders Franchise Player. This move was bound to happen as Woodson's agents, the Postons again show they are not committed to true negotiations. Something tells me though that there is more to this story... Will CWood sign long-term? Will his agents posture for a trade? Hard to tell what is happening behind closed doors. I for one would love the see CWood remain a Raider. He has given to the team, playing through tremendous injuries. Not only is he a premier cover man, he is by the best CB tackler in the business. Once Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan's defense becomes a dominant pressure making force CWood will flourish. I am keeping my fingers crossed...

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