Monday, March 21, 2005

Defending Charles and Warren

Too Harshly Critized ? ... Posted by Hello

I recognize I am in the minority here but I do have some strong thoughts re Charles and Warren and believe they have been too harshly critized this off-season... I will write a complete post soon on this.... if you have a moment, drop me a comment... what do you think?


Ra8der Ern. said...

I think Sapp was out of position, and should trive back in a 4-3 set with BIG Ted in the middle with him and Tommy Kelly comming in for relief, Sapp will produce this year. Woodson needs to stay health for a season to ask for the kind of jack he wants, that being said i still think he's in the top 3 in regards to being the best CB, and also he's a nice tackler, and can really cause havoc comming off the corner in a blitz, besides didn't he shut down Randy Moss every time he's faced him, we need him to stick around with us.

n8veraider said...

I agree with what ra8der ern says with Sapp playing out of position so in the 4-3 scheme Sapp should produce what we expected him to last year. Woodson however needs to realize that all he did last year was prove that he did not earn a high pay day, don't get me wrong, I have long since admired him. The broken leg and all that to help us get to the Bowl but, come on, business is business. get paid for what you produce and not by the assumption of what you might be able to produce. And with him shutin down Moss, he was able to handcheck and do all the little things that are now outlawed. I'm just so glad we improved the offense by landing Moss, Jordan and Konrad. just hurry up and fix the defense. Put the people back where they have excelled at and go from there. Sorry if I rambled but this has been pent up for awhile.

bd said...

Nice blog, brother!

I think your traffic will be picking up pretty soon with the link on

On Sapp... that fat bastard better find some game. I'm willing to give him another chance this season but another effort like last year - no matter what front we run - and I say lynch him (speaking of Lynch, to think we could've gotten him last year instead. Sigh)

On Woodson... I too think he's been criticized unfairly and some are hating him when they should be hating the Postons. But then Woody should smarten up, fire them and sign long-term. I'm holding out hope. I love the way the guy plays; he does a lot that doesn't show in the stats. I don't think his injuries are chronic and appreciate what he's played through in the past. I think we need him a Raider for life, but also another defensive leader to take some of the weight off his shoulders. Again, Lynch would've been nice. Ack.


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bd said...

n8ve makes a good point about the hand checking. When Woodson said before last season he wasn't going to change a thing I said, "Uh oh". Let's hope he either adapts his style for us or takes killer penalties on another team.

Anonymous said...

what till late june and cut woodson/treat him like he s treating the team/ were he would take league minnum

JH said...

Hey, great blog page, nice comments, and some great insight. Wanted to share my thoughts on Cwood, and Ill start this way.

I love the Raiders, long time Raider fan, but Im personally fed up with Cwood. In a nutshell, the guy doesnt play hard, half the time doesnt show up, and isnt worth the scill that hes paid. People say Im wrong, people say hes a great cb. Is he really that great? Think he's played harder as of late? Can you say Patrick Creighton? That whiff against the Cowboys was flat out silly. My nephew that plays Pop Warner knows better than that. Incidents like that are just a synopsis of things that have come commonplace with Cwood sadly. I remember the hype surrouding Charles out of Michigan, all the next "Deion Sanders" comparisons, to tell you the truth, Cwood isnt even the next Bob Sanders. With his injury this year, he wont ever don the silver and black again. And as an honest Raider fan, I can say its been fun, but it hasnt been real fun, good bye Woodson.