Sunday, March 13, 2005

Project "Defense 05" Underway

Posted by Hello New Raider DE Derrick Burgess

The the first new ingredient in the formula for the Raider '05 Defense was added yesterday wi the signing of ex-Eagle DE Derrick Burgess. If you watched the Eagle Defense on its march to the Superbowl you no doubt noticed the dramatic play of Burgess. 2 Sacks against Mike Vick and one of Tom Brady in the big game made Burgess a big-time prime-time player and caught the attention of The Great Al Davis.

Raider Fans should be careful not to expect 15 sacks out of Burgess in '05. He is injury prone, missing more games than he played with the Eagles. However, I can't help but think of former Raider DE Patrick Swilling when I watch Burgess. And unlike Swilling, Burgess is just reaching his prime when joining the Silver and Black... Lets hope Burgess is "Swilling-like" ...

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Welcome to the blogosphere, Tooz.

Hope you'll find time to share some old Raider stories with us


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The Tooz, Silver and Black Canada said...
I'll read through "Cruisin' with the Tooz" again and share some stories from it in the Blog...

2:16 PM
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