Monday, November 21, 2005

ESPN Set-up

In last Wednesday’s post I called the ESPN Randy Moss interview a classic set-up and well, that’s exactly what is was… ESPN created a story that doesn’t exist. The ESPN pregame show isn’t even worth watching these days unless you like to see and hear Chris Berman repeat his old tired lines, Michael Irvin jump up and down and flap his gums, Steve Young repeat the obvious and Tom Jackson contradict himself and show his personal biases week after freaking week.

How can ESPN call themselves a leader in sports entertainment when making such an obvious attempt at maligning Randy Moss? Follow me on this one – Moss has been the definition of a good team-mate, a LEADER this year… When healthy Moss has been magnificent, when hurt Moss has played through pain, like putting himself on the field against the Bills (and scoring a TD) when he should have been in street clothes… Moss has been seen on the sidelines cheering on and encouraging teammates… Moss has made locker-room rallying-cry speeches…. Moss has been described in glowing terms by all his teammates, a great locker-room presence…

So what does ESPN do? They bring Moss in for an interview when the team is coming off of back-to-back losses, when the team is 3-6, when Moss’ personal stats are well below his abilities and expectations, and they start asking him LOADED questions about his coach… I watched the interview, Randy was not expecting the question nor did he appreciate it… of course, ESPN got what it wanted – just waiting for Moss to go off – then they’ve got a story! Think about this, the way it was set-up, ANYTHING Moss says that is not 100% “Everything is great, I’m in love with Norv” is a story for ESPN… that pregnant pause was Moss thinking “shit, what do I say now that will not blow up in my face”…

Last year when in the same situation Moss was asked if he thought Mike Tice was the coaching answer for the Vikings, Moss answered as a player and not a team owner, that he didn’t know if Tice was the answer…. That was the HUGE story – "Moss is a COACH KILLER - we knew it all along!!!” The fact that Moss went further to say Tice knew that anytime he needed Moss that he would be there, "I have his back", that apparently wasn’t news worthy. Neither was the fact that in the entire, un-edited transcript of yesterdays Moss segment, Moss spoke positively about the team and how they needed to stay focused and together, that wasn’t news worthy either… Norv Turner was smart last week when addressing the issue, making a joke about Moss’ pause and then telling us that the entire interview was much longer and very positive.

What pissed me off even more was big mouth Mr. Push-Off Michael Irvin going off and accusing Moss of saying that Norv Turner “didn’t know what he was doing”… What ?!?!? That’s NOT what Randy said, its not even close to what Randy said, but its what ESPN wants you to believe that Randy said, otherwise they don’t have a story…. Talk about making up news!

Maybe the ESPN Crew is embarrassed because in the lead-up to the Week 3 Philly game each and everyone of those idiots – Berman, Jackson, Irvin, Jaws, Young, Ditka – all said they would rather have Terrell Owens than Randy Moss on their team…. Idiots…


Anonymous said...

Typical Anti Raider Media bias, you hit the nail right on the head


UBM said...

That's why I refuse to watch espn,
period, unless the Raiders are playing. Then I turn down the sound and listen to it on line.
espn has Sucked for a very long time & bore me to death..
Great Article, hope to see Norv, Moss & the Oakland Raiders continue to win & make liars out of the Mediots!