Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Norv Gets Love

Like it or not, Norv Turner is here to stay... The Classy Turner emerged from the jubilant victorious Raider locker-room in D.C. Sunday afternoon with red eyes, he fought back his tears... the players, his players had just showed him that they have bought into him, that they cared for him, that through all the tension and disappointment of a hard season, they are still with him...

Now of course, if they proceed to loose 5 of the last 6 games we may have a different situation... but as it stands today, lets listen to Warren Sapp:

"I'm just an old vet that understands this game, understands what it really meant to him, he wasn't going to make an outward thing to all of us, but it's always good to go back to a place where you were unceremoniously dumped in the middle of the season when you're still in the playoff hunt. We just wanted to show the man who's leading us, we got something for you."

"I just told them, 'It's always good to come home and kick a little ass,' We got the game ball for you, baby.'"

"We all wanted to give him that game ball, just a little gesture for a good guy, a classy guy who's been in this game a long time."

From Bobby Hamilton:

"We know what happened, we know the emotion and the excitement he had to come back here, we gave him the game ball, coming back to the team who ran him out. We all knew the emotion he had and how much he wanted to fight to win this game. He was very excited, very emotional. He dropped his head. "

And from Kerry Collins:

"He puts his heart and soul into this, and when he has a day like he did today, it's just gratifying to see how he is after the game."

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Anonymous said...

How would you know who Al davis interviewed? Are you close personal friends? You know who Al offers jobs too? How is this he calls you! I gues we only need to talk to you for all Raiders info because you are all knowing!! Give me a Freaking Break!!!This is a bunch of B.S.!!!