Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Collins Was Better Leader than Brooks

Hey, Hi everyone, I've kept quite for the last couple of months, as all Raider fans, extremely disappointed and frustrated with this season. What finally got my ass in gear to update my blog? Monday's press interviews with Aaron Brooks. Before you read on please know that I was all behind bringing in Brooks this season. I think he has phenom skills.

As quoted in the San Fran Chronicle, the Contra Costa Times and other sources, Brooks talked about how "pissed" he was with his benching vs the Rams, he questioned Coach Shell's decision. He then said "what the f did I get myself into", he talked about the disgruntled Porter and Moss and the lack of help from the offensive line.

I've read lots of other articles/commentaries questioning Shell's decision to bench Brooks... WTF?!?! Brooks played horribly. He has no reason to complain at all. Even when he had time in the pocket, most if not all of his completions were not where they should have been. Time and again he shows little to no touch on his passes.

Brooks ignores one of biggest assets, his escapability. How many times could negative plays been turned to positive if he just broke upfield? Early in the Gannon era, our running game was not there, our pass protection was poor, but Gannon used his feet to keep drives alive and limit negative plays. Once the O-line found its form, Gannon was able to stay in the pocket longer to make his reads and throws.

What pisses me off the most about Brooks, and this was on full display on Sunday, was his body language on the field. We all know he is an extremely "laid back kind-of-guy", and his lack of enthusiasm, especially on the sidelines was a sore spot in New Orleans. However, I'm talking about Brooks as the quarterback, being a leader on the field.

I'm not saying he has to be Rich Gannon and in everyone's face, but I am saying I want the Brooks who started in KC, he had life, he gave the team a spark, an energy, he almost carried them to victory, except for his bone-head interception as time ran out. I was OK with the interception at the end of the KC game - because I thought I saw a leader emerge that day.

Too many times though this season, we have seen Brooks looking defeated on the field. This we can not forgive. Through my TV, I was screaming at him at San Diego and vs Houston. The games were within reach but his head was bowed, his arms straight down in the huddle and as he approached the line of scrimmage, he rolled his eyes after every play. Its not that he is not passionate enough, its his demeanour that says "we can't win" that is unacceptable. The fact that we can't win is a reality this year, but fuck buddy, its your job to lead the huddle, to spark the team, to make plays, to play like you did in KC - every single fucking game, no matter how you feel. You are the Quarterback of the Oakland Raiders - act like it.

Further Mr. Brooks, its your fucking job to not only "talk to" Moss and Porter as you put it, but to let them know that they are either with or against the program. Not to just say "what can I do? The guy has his mind made up".

I would have benched Brooks on Sunday as well. He should have been the first to admit he deserved to be benched. At the very least he should have said to the press "I'm not happy about it, because this is my team, I lead this offense".

This is why I bring up Kerry Collins. Even Kerry Collins, as poorly as he and his offense played, when Collins was benched he said he was mad because the Raiders were his team and he wanted to lead his team. Yes, Kerry Collins showed more leadership. Collins' last words after the season closed in '05 were "I want to be back, I believe this is my team". Even in this lost season, Brooks still could have been a leader, Brooks still could have been the future at QB for this team. Instead he will be piling up points on his Playstation - Douche!

I hope the team is given to Andrew Walter next year, but there will be lots of time to debate that!

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