Friday, December 14, 2007

Un-named sources: Kiffin and Schefter

Un-named sources from within the Raiders front-office confirmed today that Head Coach Lane Kiffin's future with the Raiders is very bright. Sources tell us that despite a 4-9 start, Kiffin has won respect and credibility in the locker-room and throughout the organization. Raiders owner Al Davis is said to be pleased with Kiffin, understanding that the job of turning the franchise into a perennial winner again would take more than one year.

In a slightly related story, inside sources have told us that the NFL Network's Adam Schefter is an a-hole. Apparently he enjoys rimming Bronco's owner, Pat Bowlen. More is sure to come from these revelations.


Calico Jack said...

"enjoys rimming Bronco's owner Pat Bowlen" ... too funny Tooz! This post made my day. Keep doing your thing Tooz.

Anonymous said...

Tooz, you got issues and your funnier that sh!t !!!!!!!!

Tooz 72 said...

Tooz, how 'bout some new posts, bro?

LooneyRaider said...

Tooz, I think you pissed off Shefter. Now look what he's done. He's completely turning your story around. Care to comment on the latest bs?


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