Saturday, April 26, 2008

Coach Kiffin on McFadden

Q: Was this just a matter of McFadden being too good to pass up?

Kiffin: That was definitely the case. I remember mentioning that running back wasn’t a need for us, and it wasn’t. We’re kind of piled there with a number of really good running backs and guys coming back, including Michael Bush, who we really don’t know enough about yet. It was not a need but it became a situation … speaking for myself, I knew months ago that this was the guy that we had to have and we had to figure out a way to get him. Hopefully, he was going to fall to us. We lost the coin toss and moved to four and that scared me a little bit there. Fortunately, he was still available and in the end we got everybody on the same page. We’re all really excited.

Ahhhh, how will the Haters spin this? Coach Kiffin get fired yet?

...F-ing Haters

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