Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just JaMarcus Baby !

Welcome JRock to the Raider Nation... Al Davis finally gets his Elway...

Coach Kiffin: We are extremely excited with this pick. JaMarcus Russell is someone that can come in and help us win games. We researched him all the way back to high school and everyone said he was a natural leader. This is the right guy for us and this is the right time. It was perfect. This is what needed to happen for the Raiders right now. This is a great day.

Let me say right off the bat, we should start JRock from Day One. Russell doesn't have to win games... We have a defence that can protect him and we have weapons to use on O... find out what Russell does the best, what he is most comfortable with, tailor the playbook to him and start him from right away...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Tooz you took my nickname, I'm 'Psycho'! Yeah man I'm happy as hell knowing finally that JaMarcus is the guy afterall. I've been in the JaMarcus bandwagon firmly since the Bowl game. I have to respecfully disagree that we start him from day one. Let's see how our o-line works with the changes and teach JRock a thing or two before we throw him in there. McCown is a sign of this being the case, although I realize you posted before the trade went down.

GREAT DAY for Raider Nation all in all. We basically stole two guys from the Lions, we got the QB, and the TE, and a few intersting surprises towards the end, plus extra picks. Personally I would've went T Tony Ugoh in the 2nd and TE Ben Patrick later, but hey I didn't study like Al & Kif did. So I'm holding out hope for the Tackle we ended up with and I trust in the rest.
-Psycho- (The real one)