Saturday, April 28, 2007

Re Draft Day Confession

My Mom barely knows what the computer is so I'm not worried about confessing here on-line... its her 77th birthday today but I rescheduled her birthday party with my family to Sunday... I told her I have to work... sorry but when the Raiders are on the clock at noon, I don't want to be hosting a party... everyone out of the house!!! My wife knows I'm a Raider physco so she was not surprised... Happy Birthday Mom !!!

On to some pre-draft thoughts:

* no matter who we pick or if we trade, much of the media will say we should have done something else... Russell will have his flaws, Quinn will be a reach, we should have traded down etc, etc.... lets face it - allot of people are not happy that Al Davis will get a great player and with that great player the franchise, re-energized with Kiffin and with a great D already in pace, is not that far away from contending... they don't want to report that

** Please Raider fans, none of this "what a reach, we could have got him in the third/fourth round"... even before you start, just stop, please... for every pick which we may feel is a reach, we will pick a late round guy who should have been a second or third rounder...

*** I see ESPN and NFL Network are in Alameda..... have fun reporting from the parking lot boys!!!! No way they get a War Room Cam like those jack-off Cowboys!!!!

**** The closer it gets, the more I'm thinking about Quinn, I can't ignore his Gannon-esque qualities... I wonder what Gannon has told Al about who he would pick?

Have fun folks...... April 28, 2007 - a good day for the Raider Nation

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Anonymous said...

Right on Tooz. How is the weather up there?